I derive inspiration for my art work from diverse areas. These include, but are not limited to, my interest in medieval/gothic architecture, Victorian illustration, Japanese art and nature. I am also drawn to distressed, grungy and decaying surfaces. These may be in the form of old brick walls, rust, layers of peeling paint, etc. I like the idea that layers can not only hide, but also reveal earlier histories so this also influences my creativity.

I like to explore different artistic processes and find that mixed media allows full expression for my imagination. For now, I don’t have a particular “style”. Perhaps this is because I don’t like to feel constrained.

I am also a keen observer of my surroundings. I feel compelled to capture, in my photography, the many abstracts that surround us; whether they be from nature or man made structures; to extract something extraordinary from the ordinary. Discovering art in such places is always an adventure of revelation.

In my world, art and nature are closely entwined.

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