I am an emerging artist and this website brings not only my art, but also my photography and musings together in the one place.

I’m particularly interested in exploring, what I call, mixed media watercolour and collage. Watercolour has such a magical quality and to be able to combine that, with textural mediums, through processes of experimentation can be a joyful process.

I also enjoy photography. I like to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary. For example, where most would not give a second glance to dead leaves laying upon the ground, I see beautiful art in them. Nature in particular hides the extraordinary in the ordinary. This is why some of my posts refer to “Mother Nature’s Art Gallery”. This is because when I am wandering through nature, whether it be a park or bushland, I see works of art in bark, rocks, fallen leaves, waterdrops; the earth itself. I feel compelled to capture nature’s abstracts.

In my mind art and nature are closely linked.

And, as for the musing, there are times when words or stories just suddenly appear in my mind like a spring of water suddenly gushing to the surface. This is nearly always triggered by imagery. This is particularly evident in my series of flame fractals.

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~ Fran ~

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