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Digital meets watercolour: A happy marriage

Once again I was looking at one of my watercolour backgrounds that has featured in a previous post. Pretty though it is, it felt like a blank canvas for something more. But what? More layers of paint? Nothing came to my mind.

I then remembered all my copyright free ornamental designs I had been squirreling away over the years. What if I digitally merged one with this watercolour? I felt excited by that thought because in the past I couldn’t think how best to use those images. But could I translate what was in my head into art? What I thought would be a quick experiment turned into a full day playing around in Photoshop. I had forgotten how to achieve certain effects and had to give myself some refresher crash courses (thanks YouTube).

So, this is my first experiment. I have brought a lonely ornamental graphic and watercolour together to create a happy marriage.

Gothic filigree window on watercolour

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