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Illuminated fractured mandala: A work in progress

This is a mandala painting on an A5 sized paper that encapsulates several different ideas merged into one: mandalas, illumination and fractured relics. It’s a real departure from my previous loose experimental paintings. Here, it is like I am returning to an old friend – detailed, precision work. Such a happy, but intense meeting. I am using watercolour, gold gouache and ink.

It is a slow piece to complete mainly because all the details weren’t planned beforehand. I had no idea, prior to starting, what colours or pattern were going to be in each band except for the first. I started with the outside band and then trusted that I would then follow on intuitively. That is, the mandala would tell me what to do next. Then when I got to this point the mandala stopped “talking” to me. But that’s okay. I put this piece to one side and started working on other projects. A couple of weeks have passed. Over that time I sometimes mused over this work but still nothing. And then the other day I suddenly knew what to do next.

I am learning from this project that it’s okay to stop and work on something else and then return (maybe weeks or months later) when the creative flow for that piece starts again.
Fractured illuminated mandala - a work in progress

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