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Peace and a magical tree

A magnificent Moreton Bay Fig. I was blessed to experience the essence and beauty of this tree. Other’s passed by unaware; lost in their own thoughts. But I saw and was grateful.

The busyness of the mind often blinds us. This is because our mind is not in the present moment. The body is in a certain place but the mind is busy elsewhere. It is in the future of tomorrow, or next week or next year, buried in thoughts about things that may or may not happen. Or, lost on the treadmill of the past with thoughts going around and around constantly revisiting dead moments. Therefore, take time to stop and just be here; now; in the present moment. It’s a nice place to rest because no worries can reside there and peace is found. It is also the place where you may find one of those beautiful moments when there is something that is just waiting for you to see it’s magic and to touch your soul.

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