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When Rivendell Dreams nearly become a nightmare

Well, it turns out that “Rivendell Dreams” was not such a dream at one stage. In fact, it was nearly a nightmare. Just when things were going along wonderfully a major technical glitch struck. When I went to re-assemble the collage pieces they didn’t fit! Thank goodness I did a “dry run” assembly first, as I usually do. The whole perimeter of the piece seemed to have warped. When I assembled some parts they appeared to fit perfectly but then not with the others. Why? This hasn’t been my experience before.

I believe that what may have happened was that some pieces had been exposed to more water or medium than others and had dried at different rates leading to slight distortion. The shapes themselves may also have had a bearing on this distortion too as they were drying. You only need a distortion of one or two millimetres to skew the whole work.

I ended up ironing, the back of the collage sections with my steam iron. The paper briefly became softer and pliable with the steam and I was able to manipulate each piece into its correct shape. As the paper cooled the shape held. Phew!!! Disaster averted. This is something that I am going to have to keep in mind on future artworks like this.

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