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Sacred foliage – beauty doesn’t need to be loud

I visited Araluen Botanical Park this Spring. It is nestled in a valley surround by the Australian bush and is a treasure. I love to visit there and take photos of flowers and foliage. As it was Spring, Araluen was bursting with beautiful flowers such as camellia, wisteria and pansies, to name but a few. However, the stars of the park that everyone had really come to see were the tulips.

These showy flowers were a rowdy, loud lot yelling, “look at me, look at me. See how beautiful we are”. Each dazzling and different coloured tulip bed was trying to out do the other. Therefore, under such circumstances, it was very hard to notice anything else in the park!

Later however, whilst I was walking along one of the meandering paths on the hillside, a sacred bamboo, with its beautiful berries, quietly caught my attention. The bamboo was dancing with the breeze, it’s foliage swaying gently back and forth and it whispered to me, “I am more beautiful”. I agreed.

Sacred Bamboo foliage


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