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Scanning or photographing my art work

Scanning or photographing my art work. That is something I have been experimenting with today. Usually I photograph my small 5″ x 7″ watercolour paintings. However, I’ve never been entirely happy with how long this process takes. Perhaps I am a perfectionist. But I seem to be running around both inside and out to get the best natural light and to capture as faithfully as possible my painting. Then I have to get the photos onto my desktop computer for more tweaking in Photoshop.

Yesterday was another dark dreary day and I just couldn’t seem to photograph the art work below. The colours weren’t looking true and the paper background was coming up very dark. I thought I would try my scanner again. On previous attempts on other paintings the results weren’t so great. But this time, after playing with the settings more, I’m very happy with the outcome. No darkening of the white paper. Details show much better now. The colours are true and I’m very happy that the rough texture of the Arches paper can also be seen more clearly.

So here is my second painting in my “What do flowers dream?” series. It is now available in my shop.

What do flowers dream? #2



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