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The Churchyard

I have always enjoyed wandering around old cemeteries or churchyards. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, I love history and genealogy and so walking among the old graves and reading the inscriptions is like viewing a page from the book of someone’s life. They may be long forgotten, but there on a headstone is a brief summary of their life; a reminder that they once existed.

Secondly, I find these places, visually, most interesting. I only recently started to see, with an artist’s eye, the rusty railings, tilted headstones, old inscriptions and statuary.

The original photo of the digital art work below, was taken in St John’s churchyard in the historic town of Pinjarra, Western Australia. The current church was built in 1861 and is situated in a most picturesque spot on the banks of the Murray River. As it was late afternoon and an hour’s drive to return home, I only had time to take a few other shots.

St Johns Churchyard

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