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The wandering soul

Here is my latest bark art. I took this shot today when I went for a walk. There was a small stand of Paper Barks. They have the most amazing papery, peeling bark, so of course, I had to capture that. Later I saw “her”. Can you? A small sitting, robed figure looking out. It also happens to be the beginning (2nd day) of the Chinese seventh month (ghost month) so of course, I felt compelled to write about the too.

There she sat all robed and fine,
The seventh month had come,
It was now that time.

The doors had opened,
And she had come through,
Invisible to most,
Except to me and you.

She was once someone’s child,
And then a loving mum,
She grew to be an old grandma,
Before her life was done.

So fear not the wandering soul,
For that makes them sad,
Radiate your loving kindness,
And make them feel grand.

Robed spirit

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