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Watercolour – a magical alchemy

Watercolour paintings have always appealed to me. Maybe it is their softness and at times, their almost ethereal quality. In the watercolour world, there are various styles and I love and appreciate them all. However, it is the very loose, almost abstract form, that I find particularly appealing. Perhaps this style is called abstract impressionism?

When I started painting in this style I quickly learnt that I had to let go of control. I realised that if I didn’t let go and “take a chance”, then I didn’t get to see the fantastical mix of colours and surprising outcomes. This is what I found so appealing about watercolour in the first place; the alchemy. Therefore, I had to remind myself to let the water create the magic.

Surprisingly for me, I haven’t found this aspect too hard. I say “surprisingly” because previously I had taught myself to paint medieval illuminations in gouache and also using real gold metal leaf. There is so much planning, control and very fine detailing involved when illuminating.

I fell in love with two styles of painting on opposite ends of the spectrum. One, highly controlled and detailed, the other, as free as the wind with no rules attached.

It seems I am a paradox when it comes to painting.

Watercolour alchemy

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